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March 28, 2008

Museum of Science and Industy

Since the kids are on Spring Break and I'm working from home now I decided to take them out to the Museum. I think everyone in Chicago had the same idea because it was so packed we could barely move. I should have bought our tickets ahead of time online, but since I was going to purchase a membership for the year I thought that part wouldn't be so bad. It was very busy in the membership line too and there were only 3 girls helping 100's of people. So I got the membership and now we can have something to do next winter or for any rainy day.

I now have tons of pictures to scrap. I'm not sure how I'll do them though because I already have a whole album of this museum. I haven't scrapped in so long though I really shouldn't worry about it.


Anonymous said...

Did you check out the coal mine? That used to be my favorite.

Melissa said...

It's actually closed now for construction, but I did see it a couple years ago and learned a lot.

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