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March 21, 2008

New Stuff for Etsy

I thought of this idea yesterday while there was a discussion on the Etsy about the price of handmade cards. They do take a lot of time to create and I agree we are undercharging for the amount of time they take, but I don’t think my cards will ever sell if I started charging $5.00. Making cards is one of my favorite things to do, but they just aren’t profitable. This is why I started making other stamped creations, pendants, coaster, etc. But then this came to me! This isn’t only a card, it is a gift, a keepsake, something that can be treasured forever and definately worth what I’m charging without me feeling like I’m asking too much. So I’ll be making a lot more of these sets. I’m sure others will follow, but I looked all over Etsy and didn’t see anything like it.

Melissa's Etsy Shop

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Little Lovables said...

It is good to diversify your creations with all dirrefent price points so that your shop appeals to many types of buyers.

Of course, there are even $5 cards at Target, so don't feel too bad! Your stuff is lovely.

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