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May 01, 2009

Marbled Background Technique

I know that I'm not very good at blog posts or posting on a regular basis, so this is my attempt to have 1 regular posting day a week, at least to start with. I always have ideas, but when it comes to doing it I fail.

I am starting with a technique Friday. This technique has been around for a long time, but it was refreshed this week on Split Coast stampers. It's called Marbling and it's used to make backgrounds to give your cards and paper projects a little abstraction.

The list of supplies: (you can change this to whatever works for you)
3 different colors of reinkers
little cups
plastic container big enough to hold cardstock
repositionable adhesive

Add some adhesive to the cardstock just so that it won't slip around in the container. Just add a tiny bit.

Place your cardstock in your container and press down to hold it in place.

Put your marbles into a tiny cup.

Add 2-3 drops of ink to the cup.

Swirl the marbles around getting ink all over them.

Place the marbles in your container.

Close the lid and roll the marbles all around.

Repeat with the second color.

Repeat with the third color.

Now you are all done and ready to make a card using this background. Don't forget to remove the adhesive from the back of your cardstock.

Here's the card I made with my piece.

I have posted this one up for sale at my Artfire shop Cardstock Creations

I have another one for one lucky commenter. I'll post next Friday who you are, so check back!


javagirl1972 said...

I really like that idea. I will use it. I have looked at inks and was never sure what the heck to do with them now I do Thanks!

alexkeller said...

Definately sharing with my friends who scrap! I just gave them a bunch of cardstock, too.....what was I thinking???

sassypackrat said...

That's really cool!

oceansidecreations said...

That's such a great idea! Thanks for sharing

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