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May 10, 2009

Missed Friday

I'm sorry I missed my 2nd scheduled Friday tutorial. I told you I was bad at this lol. I have the idea all set out and I'm going to show you "Drunken Pastels". I'm going to do it tomorrow for sure.

DH has been taking up a lot of my time this weekend. He plays World of Warcraft, but lately he's been playing less. When he plays less he seems to need me to entertain him then... so I never get anything done. I'm trying to make sure he doesn't cancel his account because he will be at my side 24/7 (when he's not working of course lol). We did clean out the storage space under our stairs, which we basically crammed with stuff when we moved in. There was some icky shelf thing under there and some dry wall that needed to be replaced. We cleared all that out and put the stuff back in that we need to store. I have 3 huge bags of clothes that I need to take to Goodwill ready to go out.

So I told DH I needed time tomorrow for my tutorial, he should give it to me since it is after all Mother's Day and I should be able to do what I love... right?

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