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May 02, 2009

Suspended Imagination

New banner needed. When I first re-opened Suspended Imagination this year I purchased a banner that I really liked.

This banner however does not reflect what I'm about, what my products are, or my style. My son is going to attempt to make a banner for me but we are stuck as to what the image should be. I want it very rock and roll and edgy more than whimsy. We were coming up with things that are in reality suspended and came up with a couple, swings, chandeliers, and pendulums in a grandfather clock way. Out of these I think the pendulum would best represent me, but it still doesn't tell you what I sell or the style of my work. I don't want to go the route of adding products to my banner either.

Does anyone have any ideas for me?

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alexkeller said...

Am I recalling correctly that your hubby's a rocker? I thought of a metronome, keeping time, and then Guitar Hero! While you can't use their graphics, maybe that would give you a direction. I thought of sheet music, too. But even if you printed it on cardstock, it would be confusing...I'm waiting to see what you come up with. I want a new banner, too! I really want a logo, though...

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