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May 20, 2009

Update May 20, 2009

Hi Everyone!

First things first... I may have mentioned that I'm not good about updating so I was going to try and schedule some set "events" to keep me in line. That lasted only 1 week. I think I better just free flow for awhile and just get into the habit of coming here and writing. I have a lot to write about but then I feel guilty for not doing the things I said I would so then I don't write anything. I'm wiping the guilt away and I'm just going to post.

I started school (again) this week. I'm attending Joliet Junior College, which is my local community college. I am going in with 53 credits that I earned from DeVry already. My DeVry degree was taking forever and was very expensive so I decided to switch to a community college instead. I'll see what happens after I get this degree done. I'm going for Web Design and since I already have all of my Gen Ed classes out of the way I can focus on learning the good stuff :)

My first class is Graphic Design an introduction class in design that I desperately need. I don't know anything about graphics except how to look for them. I really need to learn this so I don't spend anymore money paying others to create graphics for me. I'm still stuck on what to do with my Suspended Imagination logo design. I was thinking a hot air balloon, but I really don't like that. I'm also thinking of maybe stars tied to the sky, something like that. I'll come up with something by the time class is done in 2 months I think.

The job search is going so slow too. Everyone is paying less and less, its almost not worth it to work full time. I am just trying hard to make my other projects successful in the meantime.

Here is something new that I designed. This is my first necklace and it's listed on Etsy and Artfire.

Blue and Black Bead Necklace $15.00 on Etsy
Blue and Black Necklace $15.00 on Artfire

I enjoyed making that one so much that I did make another and I'm working on a third, I'll write about those later :)

Well that was a quick update, I'll talk to you all later.

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sassypackrat said...

Very pretty necklace. Good luck in your design class!

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