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May 22, 2009

Update May 21, 2009

Hi Everyone!

I'm embarking on yet another venture. My whole Suspended Imagination shop was supposed to consist of pendants and it's been going very well for my creativity. The only thing so far I feel that's out of place is my necklaces, but technically they aren't because I did add some dangles that hand like pendants. I can think of 5 pendants types that I want to try to include in my shop.

Today I bought the materials, tools, and supplies for 1 of them, polymer clay! I bought a tutorial on Etsy to teach me how to make clay pendants. I can tell that there is a learning curve to get the smoothness and thickness just right, but I'm willing to work on it. I have some created but I will need to wait to bake them until tomorrow. I started up my new craft oven and it was smoking. It says that it will do that, but since everyone is sleeping I don't want anyone alarmed. I can't wait to have another thing to stamp on and make jewelry with.

If you are wondering about the other pendants I want to create, they include bottle cap, resin, glass, solider, and the polymer clay. I could easily do some bottle cap ones, I just need to buy some caps to use. I'm sure that I have tons of items here already that I can decorate them with. The resin ones I would like to play with the resin and find things to fill it with and use a mold. I only use resin right now to cover my pendants for a nice finish. I want to do the whole glitter in resin making heart shapes type of pendant. Glass pendants probably won't be in my near future, I'm thinking of the fused glass pendants with all the beautiful colored glass. The kiln alone is so far out of my budget, I need to be successful in all of my other pendants first before going down that road. The solider pendants are the kind that use 1 x 2" pieces of glass sandwiched in decoratives and solidered on the edges.

I love crafting and doing different techniques and playing with different mediums. I hope that my shop isn't too mix matched to browse in. Hopefully I'll have some new pendants to show you tomorrow. I did make a new necklace tonight too, I should have that listed tomorrow as well.

On that note I'm leaving you with a picture of my 2nd necklace I created last week. This is in my Etsy and Artfire shops right now.

Artfire Listing
Etsy Listing


sassypackrat said...

I love trying out different mediums too. It's fun and helps put the things you really enjoy into perspective.

elliemook said...

This necklace is gorgeous love the colours you have used, they go perfectly with the dark metal

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